About Us

We are an early-stage venture fund that understands Africa’s challenges and dares to make an impact. We look for founders who share the same spirit; we strategically partner with them to take their start-ups to the next level. We provide funding, mentoring and networking opportunities. Our advisory board supports us to support you.

Image courtesy ALU

Our Mission


We are on a mission of accelerating the rise of Africa by empowering its most impactful and daring young entrepreneurs.

Our Vision


To be the go-to network that supports young African entrepreneurs to usher in a new Africa that thrives with advanced technology, inclusive financial systems, sound health care and accessible quality education.

Our Focus


We are focused on you, the entrepreneur; we are focused on you, the team.

Our Philosophy

While the world is debating whether Africa is rising or not, we are busy accelerating that rise.

We understand that Africa’s biggest challenge is its youth unemployment while we also realise that Africa’s biggest opportunity is its youth potential. Hence, we position ourselves as a venture fund by the young for the young who invests in people before businesses. We embrace founders who align with that.

 At the core of our philosophy, you will find collaboration. We do not collaborate only with our chosen investees, but even those who don’t get funding. We highly encourage our founders to collaborate with each other to make Africa a better place. We pride ourselves as a catalyst for collaboration in the continent.