We are looking for businesses that are impacting Africa by adding value to their defined niche markets.

Our Target


We are open to all industries but have a keen interest in technology enabled start-ups, especially those in the blockchain and IoT fields.


Despite targeting early-stage start-ups with enough traction, we occasionally invest in late-stage businesses that are aligned with our mission.


Ethical leaders that are aged between 16 and 32 years old and willing to collaborate in order to impact Africa. We do invest in students, as well.


More than anything else, we look for talented teams. A team with the right skills, the right dynamics and the right mind-set is a team we love.

Application Process

Apply by 18th Aug

Contact applicants by the 09th Sep for more details

Interview shortlisted candidates

Evaluate the investment need

Due diligence starts

Investment received within 2 months